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  • Recommended for roller and friction bearings and for use in wheel hubs even if highly stressed
  • It is easily pumpable in central lubricating systems.
  • Can be used where conventional greases could contaminate rivers, drinking water or soil.
  • Suitable for applications involving moderate temperatures.
  • Extremely water repellent and resistance to oxidation.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTypical Value
Range of use  C°-20 to 52-20 to 52
Dropping Point C°9090
Working Penetration at 25 C°280235

SERA KL2 & KL3 Calcium Grease

MAG SERA KL 2 & KL 3 is a general purpose grease based on base oil and calcium soap. It is a perfect supplement of thickener and base oil with regard to temperature capability and range application. Calcium soap is toxicologically safe. This grease has excellent lubricating properties and offers wear protection. It is water resistant and has an excellent adhesive capacity and protects against corrosion. Recommended for both plain and anti-friction bearings where a calcium based grease is demanded and its temperature capability is suitable for the application.